Home Accessibility Services

When a home is no longer able to accommodate an individual’s disability, it can be frustrating for the person and their loved ones. HomeSafe Mobility offers home renovations for the handicapped individual, seniors and veterans, so you don’t have to worry about your loved one not being safe in their own home.

Free In-Home Mobility Assessment

HomeSafe Mobility offers a free in-home assessment for all prospective customers. During your hour long appointment our certified, experienced staff will help you identify areas of concern in your home which hinder safety or mobility, and offer home accessibility solutions or disabled renovations which will allow you to regain your sense of confidence and freedom in your home. Learn more about our Home Mobility Assessments.

Home Safety Check

Whether a new or existing customer, HomeSafe Mobility can provide a CAPS-certified inspection, checking the safety and security of existing mobility equipment, identifying tripping hazards, and offering recommendations for places where grab bars or railings should be installed.

Our CAPS-specialists can also perform lighting inspections. As we age our eyesight may fade, making the need for better light in hallways, entries, etc.

Installation and Servicing of Mobility Products

In addition to selling and renting products that make it easier to get around in your home, HomeSafe Mobility also services and installs home accessibility products:

Learn more about our stair lift installation services in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding Western, PA area.

Remodeling for a Disability or Physical Challenge

This may include bathroom or kitchen remodeling, installation of ramps, lowering of light switches and thermostats, lowering counters and cabinets in kitchen, door widening, removing thresholds and installing door latches.

Repair and General Servicing of Home Mobility Equipment

HomeSafe Mobility can service, repair and supply batteries for any home accessibility product. Our Batteries Load Testing service will help you to avoid replacing batteries when there may be another problem. For wheelchair and outdoor ramps, periodic adjustment due to settling can be performed.

Services for Home Sellers & Realtors

If you are selling a home that has a wheelchair or outdoor ramp, stairlift or vertical platform lift, we will remove these for a fee, in order for you to sell your house. Additionally, if moving to a new home that is not accessible, we can remove and reinstall your home mobility products.

Mobility Equipment Rentals

Ideal for temporary situations, HomeSafe Mobility offers rentals of stair lifts, portable wheelchair showers & wheelchair ramps to help you get around in your home.

Contact HomeSafe Mobility for details on our home accessibility equipment rentals.

Additional Home Accessibility Services

  • We can provide you and your family with referrals for financial assistance to remodel your home.
  • We will change the batteries in your smoke detectors, while in your home performing other services. You only pay for the batteries!

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