GrandCare Systems telehealth unit

We at HomeSafe Mobility have made it our mission to supply the full package of solutions to enable seniors and others to stay in their homes as long as possible. Our search for solutions led us to a system that encompasses technology, telehealth, activity monitoring, and socialization. No other system on the market today encompasses all of these. Whether you live far from an elderly parent and you are concerned about them living alone; you do Home Health Care or have many residents in an Assisted Living facility or group home, or you work in a hospital and are concerned about high readmission rates, this is something that can make life easier for you, relieve some of the worries and concerns about a family member, resident or patient.

The GrandCare System is the most comprehensive caregiving technology on the market, enabling individuals to remain safe, healthy and happy at home. The simple touch platform enables a resident to view pictures, receive incoming messages, watch videos, video chat with family, listen to music, and play fun games. Using a series of wireless activity and telehealth devices, GrandCare can alert designated caregivers by phone, email or text if anything seems amiss (medications not accessed, glucose levels not taken, abnormal activity, etc.).

Zero computer experience is required!

Activity Monitoring

Small wireless daily activity (ADL) and smart home sensors (motion, door, temperature, bed, caller-id, etc.) report automatically to the touchscreen in the residence. Designated remote caregivers and family members can log on to the Internet Care Portal to view trending activity, pin-point potential problems and set up alert rules. Based upon these specified rules, caregivers can receive automated phone calls, emails or text messages if an event occurs. caregivers have full control over the Alerts and Notifications a system will generate if the sensors detect unusual activity or a specified event. Activity reports are available on the Care Portal to aid caregivers in understanding daily behavior patterns and tracking changes in routine.
The System is flexible, and can be customized to meet each independent individual’s needs.

Digital Home Health

Wireless bluetooth health devices such as a weight scale, pulse oximeter, glucometer, and blood pressure device can automatically record and store readings on the touchscreen. Authorized family members and care providers can log on to our internet Care Portal to view trending health data and set up parameters to receive email, phone or text wellness alerts to notify them if readings have or have not been taken.

Medication Management

The GrandCare System can prompt a resident when it is time to take medications with instructions and a picture of the medication to be taken right on the touchscreen. A wireless sensor on a pill cabinet can also notify a caregiver or resident whether the cabinet was accessed and at what time.

Multimedia Socialization

GrandCare Systems offered by HomeSafe MobilityThe touchscreen monitor displays a constant communication stream managed online by remote caregivers. Zero computer skills are needed for the individual using the touchscreen. Communications include personal photos, messages, emails, appointments, local weather, news headlines, trivia, and spiritual offerings. The resident can choose to watch videos, listen to music, check calendar and weather updates, play games, or just video chat with family members.

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