Home Accessibility Ramps

HomeSafe Mobility offers several types of home accessibility ramps for people who have difficulty with stairs or for people who require the use of a wheelchair, whether temporary or permanent. We provide full service in making your home accessible, including providing a free home assessment to customers, helping you choose the right ramp for your home, delivering the ramp to your home and installing the ramp. If your situation is temporary, we also offer ramp rentals on a monthly basis.

Wheelchair rampsAluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are simple devices that can make a world of difference for those with mobility challenges, whether you are in a wheelchair or have difficulty climbing stairs. Families across Pittsburgh and surrounding areas are experiencing increased independence, convenience, and satisfaction in their daily lives all because of aluminum wheelchair ramps. HomeSafe Mobility offers a full line of ramps to meet your exact needs, from the smallest threshold to the highest porch. Handrails, landing platforms, step systems, and custom designs are also available.

HomeSafe Mobility delivers quality, service, and dependability with all of our ramp products, proudly made in the USA of recycled aluminum. Our American suppliers also specialize in code issues from ADA and ANSI for the residential market, to IBC and BOCA for the commercial market. We are happy to advise you on any code questions you may have and discuss which system will meet your needs.

Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Modular wheelchair ramps offer a permanent mobility solution for those who experience difficulty walking or require the use of a wheelchair. Our modular ramp can easily be moved or reconfigured if you have to relocate. Made of anodized aluminum, it will remain good looking through years of use. This system complies with ANSI and ADA guidelines. Highlights are:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Legs can be recessed under the system for a clean look
  • All anodized aluminum: handrails and ramp will not chip, flake, or rust
  • Heavy duty welded aluminum construction
  • Non-combustible bidirectional knurled tread forms a rugged skid resistant surface that 
cannot wear off
  • Fully adjustable height and slope
  • All stainless steel fasteners
  • Universal platforms
  • No footings required
  • Recyclable

Solid Light Wheelchair Ramps

Semi-permanent ramps can improve accessibility in your home, whether you have difficulty walking up and down stairs or use a wheelchair. Sturdy yet maneuverable – this ramp can be moved wherever needed. Highlights are:

  • Built from lightweight and strong aluminum– will never rust, rot or decay!
  • Optional handrail addition
  • Extruded non-slip surface
  • 4 – 6 foot length options
  • 36 inch width

Folding Curb Wheelchair Ramps

A portable Folding Curb Ramp has all the features of the Solid Light Ramp but folds in half for ease of carrying, and features an integrated handle and closing strap. The 29″ width model allows the ramp to fit in vans with narrow doors. This style of ramp is sometimes referred to as a suitcase ramp.

Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

The Rubber Threshold Ramp is made of recycled rubber and can be used for thresholds up to 2 -1/2″. This design is especially useful for sliding doors or doors that fit tightly in their frame as it does not cross the threshold. All sizes come with tapered edges and a molded slip resistant surface.

Wheelchair Ramp Rentals

At HomeSafe Mobility, we understand that life changes unexpectedly and that you may be faced with a temporary need. Whether your loved one is going through a short-term rehabilitation period or choosing hospice care at-home, we can provide mobility solutions to eliminate as much of the hassle and worry as possible. We will work with you to find a temporary solution from any of the ramp options we offer. Contact us for more details.

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