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ConvertaStep Powered Ramps / Lifts

HomeSafe Mobility’s mission to providing the highest quality whole house mobility products led to the discovery of ConvertaStep, a new product manufactured in Indiana by a company of the same name. We were so impressed with this product, that we immediately became dealers.Convertastep Powered Lifts / RampsConvertastep Welcome Mat

ConvertaStep powered platform outside ramp system offers revolutionary access products for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, or people who have difficulty using steps. Unlike traditional large, bulky ramp systems this wheelchair lift / ramp system is inconspicuous to the eye, and most onlookers would be unaware of its presence. The small, cost-effective wheelchair lift comes in 3 sizes that are adjustable to span from one to five steps, and can be painted to blend with any house style and exterior. It is constructed of fiberglass and durable metal and is built to last.

The lift platform is placed at the bottom of existing steps. The actual lift surface remains flat when not in use, leaving only the handrails visible (if desired or needed), allowing the entry stairs to be used by other occupants and visitors. The platform raises and moves smoothly forward by pressing a wireless remote switch effectively spanning the steps.

Construction is not required for the wheelchair lift. The lift system works with current stair structures, and can be added, removed and relocated without changing current entry. It is battery powered and comes with a battery charger that needs to be plugged in.

“Welcome Mat” Ramp

For structures with thresholds of 1” to 8”, ConvertaStep also makes the “Welcome Mat Ramp.” When not in use, the carpet covered ramp lies flat and serves as a door mat. This ramp comes in a manual or a powered version that operates with a wireless remote. Simply pull a lever or push a remote button and the door side of the mat raises to make a ramp. The durable ramp surface is covered with a variety of carpet colors for an attractive style.

We, at HomeSafe Mobility, recognize that not everyone wants to have a 40 foot ramp to their front door. As well, many don’t have the space to do this. These products are just another example of HomeSafe Mobility’s dedication to providing solutions to enhance independent living and, at a fraction of the cost.